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Acrylic Saniya

Sunflower painting | Textured Art | Original Impasto painting |Textured Floral

Sunflower painting | Textured Art | Original Impasto painting |Textured Floral

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Medium - Acrylic on streched canvas
Size- 8*8


➤If you can not find a perfect size, send us your custom size.
➤Original work of professional artist.
➤ Free shipping worldwide
➤This painting is custom order, Because all of our paintings are handmade and often custom ordered, so minor or subtle changes may occur with your painting. Your painting may not be exactly the same as the picture you made the order from. It will be nearly identical, but not exactly the same. What we can promise is our quality of work we deliver on, and it will be a beautiful painting as you expect.
▶In the process of creating a picture, we'll show you photos with your painting.You'll be able to express all your wishes, for example about colors and shades.And we'll make all the necessary changes.Only when you are completely satisfied with your picture, we will send it to you!
▶ The production time of our painting takes 5-7 days after ordering.
once the painting is complete, we will send you photos for your approval.
You can request any changes or amendments as you wish.
▶ Your satisfaction is very important to us and we wish to work with you to resolve any issues, if you are not able to provide us with a 5 star rating for whatever reason.

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